Dy’on won’t let you down 
Leather is a living product, and this is why Dy’on goes even further than others.

At any sign of abnormal wear of one of our product (problems with leather, hardware, crafting or designs, without any time limit), do not hesitate to contact us (services@dyon.be) and we would find the best solution to solve the problem : repair, exchange the defective piece.

Few indications to take care of your Dy’on leathers

Bridlework care

  • Oil once or twice with mineral oil before the 1st use – Each skin being unique, this 1st treatment should be adapted (depending on the dryness of the leather)
  • Clean daily (after each use) with saddle soap
  • Re-oil only if necessary ( noticeably dry leather)

Chaps care

  • Clean daily (after each use) with saddle soap
  • Do not oil
  • Apply grease only if the following cases : chaps still too tight even after a few rides -  noticeably dry leather
  • Use shoe cream to enhance the color if needed

The acidity of sweat is very corrosive for leather, quick daily cleaning is highly recommended to protect your leather products Dy'on.

For all queries or suggestions concerning Dy’on products and merchandising, please contact us at :