Which leather is used for the Dyon bridlework ?


The Dy’on leather is produced by vegetable tanning. It is used to make our Premium Collection bridlework

Our partner tannery, located in Spain, has been specialised in this technique for four generations. It has an efficient wastewater treatment plant that the city also uses for its own wastewater.

We have minimised the addition of accelerants. As a result, tanning Dy’on vegetable-tanned leather can take up to ten times more time than conventional tanning.

The length of this tanning process yields dense, compact fibres that guarantee the robustness of our products over time.

We dye the leather with top-of-the-line natural pigments.

The hides come from a local waste recovery process.

Careful! This vegetable-tanned leather must be nourished once or twice a year to maintain its appearance and physical properties: beauty and resistance.


All these upstream efforts are what enables us to guarantee our leather.

Respect for the environment and work well done have been the founding principles of our values for the past thirty years.