Half chaps : Size guide

See the measurements of our standard sizes.

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Dy'on Half Chaps are made in our workshops in Belgium with European mineral leather.

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Half chaps measurements


Standard sized Half Chaps Measurements (chaps measurement)

XS ShortXSXS HighS ShortS

S High

M ShortMM HighL ShortLL HighXL ShortXLXL High
Calf31 cm30 cm30 cm33.5 cm32.5 cm32.5 cm35.5 cm34.5 cm34.5 cm38.5 cm37 cm37 cm41 cm39.5 cm39.5 cm
Height37 cm39 cm42 cm39 cm41 cm44 cm41 cm43 cm46 cm43 cm45 cm48 cm44 cm46 cm49 cm