Commitments and values



All the materials used are the best on the market. Our leather is sourced in Europe and expertly tanned.

We check and inspect each hide before sending it to our workshops. We bank on durability to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Innovation and performance

Our customers, our partner riders and their grooms are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. The evolution of the horse in its discipline, the rider in his art and the product in its technicality are the heart of Dy'on innovation. Our products are constantly evolving to improve comfort and to get the best out of horses. Dy'on products are the link between you and your horse.


For 30 years, Philippe Dion has been creating, designing and manufacturing his products with scrupulous respect for the DNA of the noble discipline of horse riding. The Dy'on touch has come to enrich these values by integrating ergonomics and performance.


As Dy’on sees it, a happy horse makes a happy rider. From the beginning Philippe Dion has been convinced that respect and understanding of his horse is the basis for a healthy and harmonious relationship. All our products are designed and manufactured in this spirit.


Dy'on is known in the equestrian world for its special attention to its customers. It offers a guarantee on all Dy'on products against manufacturing defects, imperfections or abnormal wear and tear of raw materials.

Warranties and repairs