How to take care of my chaps ?

Chaps 1

Taking care of the leather of your chaps preserves all the physical properties of the leather to ensure comfort, suppleness, protection, safety, beauty, and longevity.

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Our chaps are made of chromium-tanned leather, this leather will live much longer if you give it the proper care.

Daily care :

Clean your chaps each time after use by rubbing them gently with a rag and clean water (to remove dust and hairs) followed by saddle soap applied with a barely damp sponge.

Yearly maintenance

Clean your chaps thoroughly once or twice a year:

  1. Brush them with a soft brush dipped in warm water to remove all dust and soap build-up on the leather and in the seams.

  2. Let the legs dry in the shade in a dark room. (Avoid sunlight and heat sources)

  3. Once the chaps are dry, use Dy’on balm with the sponge provided for this purpose to make them look like new and revive their colour. You can also polish them with an appropriately coloured or colourless wax.

Warning: NEVER GREASE your chaps with oil, as the leather will become too soft.