How are Dyon chaps made?


Dyon chaps are sewn in Belgium, in Assesse near Namur. Their design was created by Philippe Dion in the spirit of a riding boot.

More information about Dyon chaps leather

Our Half Chaps 6 models are made of Chromium-tanned leather.

This leather is produced by a mineral tanning bath that neutralises the bacteria in the hide chemically in order to produce strong, highly-durable leather.

This tanning is done in Germany with a pH-neutral chromium bath. The tannery uses a tanning process that is as environmentally friendly as possible and has

one of the most efficient wastewater treatment plants in Europe. Then the thickness, suppleness, grain, and finish of the leather are defined.

It is dyed mainly with natural pigments and vegetable dyes.

This tanning method enables the leather to withstand all weather conditions, which guarantees its outstanding physical properties as long as possible.

How to take care of my chaps ?

What to do if my chaps are damaged?

Are your chaps damaged? Don't throw them away! Dy'on is offering you a unique opportunity.

Send us back your old chaps, and in return, get an exceptional 50% discount on the purchase of a new pair of Dy'on chaps.

See the information on repair and modification