Dy’on products : Creation and conception

Dyon creation conception

How are the products designed ?

Dy'on products are created to meet a demand from riders in an innovative way. Their conception starts from a need and they are designed to fulfill it.

Philippe Dion carries out the research and design work. Then comes the prototyping and product testing.

Once the model is perfect in its design and function, we look for the best materials to make it.

Why do we do this? Because our products are guaranteed for life against material and manufacturing defects. We want our products to last for a long time.

In view of the quality of the materials used, their price represents a first investment and the care they need to live as long as possible, a second investment.

We design our products to be beautiful, relevant, innovative, durable and comfortable.

The workshop in Belgium

The Belgian workshops opened 3 years after the creation of the first Dy'on chaps in 1989.

They are dedicated to the creation of all our standard and bespoke mini-chaps and long chaps.

Today, they have 10 seamstresses, more than half of whom were already there in the early days.

Having our workshops in Belgium allows us to guarantee the quality of our chaps but also the quality of their modifications and repairs.

Our chaps are made of Chrome leather, from a German tannery.

How to take care of my chaps leather?

The workshops in India

The bridle was first produced in England. In 1997, the quality of the English production declined and Dy's bridle-making was stopped until 2000.

In 2000, at a horse show in London, Philippe met an Indian craftsman and, impressed by the quality of his work, asked him to copy one of his bridles. On receiving the copy and seeing the quality of the bridle, Philippe Dion decided to fly to India and meet the craftsmen there.

Some time later, Dy'on opened its own workshops in India to begin a partnership that has now lasted for over 20 years. All our bridle models are produced there.

For our Premium collections, the craftsmen use European leather from Spain, tanned using the Dy'on process. For our Basic collections, we use top quality Indian buffalo leather.