Premium & Basic Collections


Premium Collections

See our Premium collections

The Premium Collection stands out for the beauty and fine finishing of its leather.

It consists of 6 de luxe collections with different types of finish to meet everyone’s different needs, namely, the D Collection, New English, Dressage, Hunter, and Icelandic.

Everything in each collection is interchangeable. That enables you to create your own bridle by selecting the accessories of your choice. Almost all the components of a given collection can thus be combined. That offers you a vast range of options.

The D and New English Collections are particularly complete. They include bridles, reins, breastplates, and a large assortment of accessories and nosebands.

The Premium Collections are made of Dy’on leather. This leather is produced by a vegetable tanning process developed by Philippe Dion and our partner tannery. This tannery is in Spain and has specialised in this technique for four generations. The vegetable tanning is as close as one can get to a lengthier traditional tanning process. It is more costly but yields incomparable quality.

Dy’on leather becomes more beautiful with passing time if it is cared for appropriately.

The items in the Premium collections are covered by lifetime warranties on all manufacturing and raw material defects.

Basic Collections

The Basic category includes two collections: Working by Dy'on and La Cense by Dy'on.

The leather used in our Basic Collections is buffalo leather, which is vegetable tanned in one of the best tanneries in Kanpur, India. This leather has a coarser fibre, with a less worked finish, but is just as strong as cowhide.

The use of this leather allows the Basic collections to have an excellent quality-price ratio and their products are guaranteed for 1 year for manufacturing defects and raw materials.

The Basic collections offer the essentials at a lower cost, while guaranteeing you Dy'on quality.

D Collection Collection

I discover the D collection

The hallmark of this collection is its beauty :

All D Collection items are finished with cream-coloured thread and brass buckles.

Made from Dy’on leather, the D Collection is perfect for classic riding and is constantly being improved to meet the most demanding competition riders’ needs.

Its exceptional style makes this our most popular collection, the one that wins over the largest number of our customers. Its elegance and fine details never fail to make an impression!

All D Collection bridles come with our new S-shaped headpiece.

Whilst it was designed with jumping in mind, the D collection is suitable for all types of horses and equestrian disciplines.

All parts of the D Collection can be purchased separately to create the bridle of your choice according to your horse's needs.

New English Collection

I discover the New English collection

This collection is identical to the D Collection, with the exception of an item or two. It offers the same features and technical properties. The main difference lies in its aesthetic sobriety, with stainless steel buckles and stitching in shade that match the leather. Like the D Collection, it is made entirely of Dy’on leather.

The New English Collection is popular with very-highlevel riders. It is designed for those who aim for more discretion whilst combining quality and comfort.

Whilst it was developed for show jumping, the New English Collection can also be used in all other equestrian disciplines and fits the morphologies of many breeds.

Each model in the New English collection comes with the S-shaped headpiece – the latest product of Dy’on innovation. All the pieces of the New English collection can be purchased separately to make up the bridle of your choice, the pieces of the flat leather dressage collection are also compatible with it.

Dressage Collection in flat leather

I discover Dressage collection in flat leather

A dressage line was added to our collection some ten years ago.

Five years after creating it, Philippe Dion had the immense privilege of making over the collection with

Morgan Barbançon Mestre and Helen Langehanenberg (the world’s top dressage rider at the time). These two renowned professional riders shared with Philippe their dreams of the ideal dressage bridle for high-level competitions.

Dressage collection in flat leather is made with stainless steel buckles and stitching in shade that match the leather. All of the linings are made of sheep leather, which is more supple and softer than cow leather.

Given that beauty scores high amongst the criteria for choosing dressage bridles, the dressage collection offers a large selection of finishes, from matte to patent leather, with white piping and linings in between.

To top this off, we also have ten models of browbands adorned with authentic Swarovski crystals.

All the pieces of the Dressage flat leather collection can be purchased separately to compose the bridle of your choice, the pieces of the New English collection are also compatible with it.

Dressage Collection in round leather

I discover Dressage collection in round leather

Already convinced of its great beauty, have you ever wondered what makes rolled leather so particular?

Well, rolled leather is sewn by hand. It is the product of 100% manual handiwork.

To produce a piece of rolled leather, you start with a strip of flat leather that is then notched to fold it into a circular shape more easily.

The two edges of the leather are sewn together by hand and the seam is embedded in the leather for beauty and to make the result more robust. In this way, the stitches will be protected from wear and remain invisible.

Once the two edges are sewn, the piece of leather is softened and shaped until it is perfectly round. It will then be sanded, stained again, and buffed to near-perfection, giving that fine, elegant look for which the items in the collection are known.

Dressage collection in round leather is made with stainless steel buckles and stitching in shade that match the leather.

All the pieces of the Dressage round leather collection can be purchased separately to compose the bridle of your choice, the pieces of the New English collection are also compatible with it.

Hunter Collection

I discover Hunter Collection

The Hunter Collection, which is intended for the American market, combines Dy’on leather, steel buckles, and cream-coloured stitching to fit the styles and meet the demands of our American clientele.

It consists of two lines, one for

Jumpers and the other for Hunters.

The Hunter Collection is sober, aesthetic, comfortable,and simple. It is made in the American Hunter tradition in order to meet the most demanding purists’ requirements.

You are neither American nor a Hunter Division rider? This line is suitable for all horses and offers a unique look.

Icelandic Collection

i discover Icelandic Collection

Dy’on’s Icelandic Collection is for professional and amateur riders of Icelandic horses.

Always looking for new challenges, Philippe Dion joined forces with Geraldine Vandevenne, a br idle fitter, and Mette Mannseth, a famous breeder of Icelandic horses, to develop special bridles to fit these small horses’ heads, which depart completely from the usual European standards.

If you love Icelandic horses, the Icelandic Collection is just what you and your horses have been waiting for.

Working by Dy’on

I discover Working by Dy’on

Working by Dy’on is our entry- line collection. It is composed of our most popular products.

As its name indicates, this collection is designed mainly for daily work. It consists of a varied set of models to meet the needs of riders in every category: jumping, dressage, hacking, and trail riding.

The items in this collection are made of water buffalo leather for sturdiness and strength. This robust leather with its more pronounced grain can be recognised by its more rustic finish.

The line is functional, combining Dy’on quality and lower cost. Working by Dy’on products are covered by a 1-year warranty on manufacturing and raw material defects.

Designed with working and young horses in mind, this collection should be preferred for home use and regular training.

The Working by Dy'on is not available as individual parts, only the cheekpieces can be purchased separately to adapt the placement of your bridle to your horse's head.

La Cense by Dy’on

I discover La Cense by Dy’on

La Cense by Dy'on created in collaboration with the Haras de La Cense is dedicated to ethological riding enthusiasts.

The La Cense Method gives everyone the means to communicate with the horse.

Our common goal: to create a link between two living beings.

La Cense by Dy'on defends a relationship with the horse, respectful of its well-being, by offering aesthetic and equipment, which combines comfort and technicality.