How to take care of the bridlework leather ?

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Did you know that the lifespan of a bridle or double-bridle can be increased incommensurably if you care for it correctly?

The leather parts of your bridle should be wiped down daily with a slightly damp sponge and saddle soap.

You must clean all the visible and invisible parts of the leather.

For that, you can take your bridle apart or move the various pieces to clean the spots that are usually hidden.

This is a safety precaution, for dry leather will crack and tear.

Grease your bridle once or twice a year by brushing on neatsfoot oil and remove the excess with a paper towel. This last step is very important! Too much oil will soften the leather and make it considerably less resistant.

If you are extra-meticulous, you can also revive the colour of your brass buckles by cleaning them with copper cleaner – a product that you’ll find in supermarkets or hardware shops.

Once the shine is restored, apply a coat of transparent nail polish to protect the buckle from oxidation.

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